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TEA DUTY - involves making and serving tea/coffee and three/four wrapped biscuits per person.  Please arrive just before the start of the match so that you can speak to the Captain about when to serve (usually after ten ends).  After tea clear everything away and use the dishwasher to wash cups etc.  


You must clean the clubhouse and annex with your partner (not alone) once during the week allocated, check the diary/fixture list for details of when games are being played.  We have increased the amount of cleaning due to the current situation.
To clean the clubhouse and annex space please find cleaning equipment in the cupboard by the men’s toilets.  Hoover is on charge upstairs.  Please clean all surfaces, tables, chairs, kitchen area and sweep/hoover floors.  Check for cobwebs and crumbs.  Empty all bins and out rubbish in the containers in the street.  Remember to clean all ‘touch points’ such as handles, hand rails



Monday 19th July

Lesley Heanen and Kevin Heanen

Monday 26th July

Brenda Newnham and Chris Holm

Monday 2nd August

Janet Holm and Roy Holm

Monday 9th August

Kate Johns and Mark Ireland

Monday 16th August

Clare Popley and Peter Meyrick

Monday 23rd August

Kate Sayers and Tony Sayers

Monday 30th August

Maria Sanders and Steve Rayner

Monday 6th September

Marie Morgan and Wally Phillips

Monday 13th September

Sylvia Wilkinson and David Wilkinson

Monday 20th September

Jan Dixon and Andrew Dixon

Monday 4th October

Jan Coulthard and David Dixon

Monday 18th October

Sue Budde and Blair Hamilton

If you cannot make the allocated week or would like extra help please ask someone else from the list below:
Colin Bryant, John Gaughton, Marjorie Goodfellow, Penny Jones, Sue Newton, Maria Sanders, Stewart Swanton, Simon Wigdor