From beginning of May to end of September, roll-ups will be on Mondays only.

Please arrive at 1.45pm for 2pm start, finishing 4pm with tea/coffee & biscuits.



Please ensure that your team arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the match, so that there is plenty of time to carry out your pre-match duties as follows:

  • Open the door at the top of the ramp (next to The Conservatory Showroom) and bottom gate
  • Open the changing rooms and annex, unlock all outside doors
  • Turn off the electric fence
  • Open the fence gates along the south edge of the green (the side of the new annex)
  • Remove the snakes, storing them in the side ditch
  • Check how many rinks are needed
  • Set out each rink with 2 pushers, 2 mats, 1 jack and 1 scoreboard
  • Check with tea duty people about putting out water containers and beakers for the players

After the match when everyone has gone home

  • Check that everything has been put away
  • Check snakes are in position
  • Close the electric fence gates
  • Lock the annex
  • Close and lock all outside doors
  • Put on the electric fence
  • Close the door at the top of the ramp and ensure that the gate at the bottom is locked

Wednesday 18th September

The Drive V Mackie

2pm Start - Away - Whites

Rink 1

Maria Sanders - Bryan Sanders - Susan Gorman

Rink 2

Kate Johns - John Gaughan - David Gorman

Rink 3

Brenda Newnham - Roger Johns - Derek Budde

Rink 4

June Sewell - David Sanders - Geoff Mann

Rink 5

Sue Budde - Chris Heath - Bob Garmston

Reserves: Jan Heath - Chris Heath 

The Drive V Downsman

 Saturday 21st September

Away - 2pm start - Whites

Rink 1

Maria Sanders - David Gorman - Kathy Dixon

Rink 2

Pat Gray - Jane Cummings - Chris Heath

Rink 3

David Sanders - Susan Gorman - Geoff Mann

Rink 4

Sue Budde - Bryan Sanders - David Dixon

Rink 5

John Gaughan - Jan Heath - Derek Budde

Reserves: Brenda Newnham - June Sewell

The Downsman Bowls Club - West Green Playing Fields 

  • Address :
    Ifield Avenue West Green Crawley Sussex
  • Postcode :
    RH11 7AJ