From Monday 28th. March all organised roll-ups and Aussie Pairs will be at 2.15pm for a 2.30pm start.


Southwick Park Saturday 28th May HOME 2.30pm Start

Team One

Paul T, Jane C, Kathy D (Skip)

Team Two

Brenda N, David D, Carol R (Skip)

Team Three

Marje G, Ann S, Blair H (Skip)

Team Four

Janice T, Clare P, Derek B (Skip)

Sue B, David S, Maria S

will play

Tony S, Kate S, Wendy E

Reserves, None

Teas, Chris & Jan Heath


Preston Sunday 29th May HOME 2.30pm Start

Team One

Rachel B, Bryan S, Chris Heath (Skip)

Team Two

Pauline B, David S (Capt.), Chris Holm (Skip)

Team Three

Maria S, Tony S, Michael B (Skip)

Team Four

Steve R, Ann S, Kate S (Skip)

Reserves, Doreen d S, Brenda N

Teas, Robert & Carol R


Tuesday 31st May BHD League
Away Match at Shoreham
6pm start Club Shirts+ Greys

R 1  David Sanders, Andrew Dixon, Tony Sayers, Mark Ireland
R 2  Derek Budde, Chris Heath, Simon Wigdor, Bob Garmston
R 3  Roger Johns, Steve Rayner, Roy Holm, Chris Holm


Downsman Sunday 5th June HOME 2.30pm Start

Team One

Jenny H, Maria S, Derek B (Skip)

Team Two

Brenda N, Clare P, David S (Capt./Skip)

Team Three

Sue N, Peter M, Kate S (Skip)

Team Four

Kevin H, Pauline B, David G (Skip)

Team Five

Lesley H, Tony S, Susan G (Skip)

Reserves, Steve R, Paul T, Janice T, 

Chris Holm, Cliff W

Teas, Sue B, & Doreen


Portslade Thursday 9th June HOME 2.30pm Start

Team One

Steve R, Marje G, Chris Heath (Skip)

Team Two

Cliff W, Jan H, Derek B (Skip)

Team Three

Sue B, David S (Capt.), Bob G (Skip)

Team Four

Bryan S, Pauline B, Colin B (Skip)

Team Five

Agha, Janice T, Mark I (Skip)

Team Six

Paul T, Peter M, Simon (Skip)

Reserves, Jenny H, Brenda N, David G

Chris Holm, Doreen d S

Teas, Maria & John G


Please ensure that your team arrives AT LEAST 45 minutes prior to the start of the match, so that there is plenty of time to carry out your pre-match duties as follows:

Open the door at the top of the ramp (next to The Conservatory Showroom) and bottom gates

Open the changing rooms and annex, unlock all outside doors

     Remove the snakes

Turn off the electric fence

Check how many rinks are needed

Set out each rink with 2 pushers, 2 mats, 2 jacks (one yellow, one white) and 1 scoreboard

After the match when everyone has gone home

Check that everything has been put away

 Check snakes are in position

Lock the annex

Close and lock all outside doors

Put on the electric fence

Close the door at the top of the ramp and ensure that the gate at the bottom is locked