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Tea Duty Rota 2022 

Please see below the tea rota for the coming season.  If you cannot make the date allocated to you, please try to swop dates with another couple.  If you are having trouble organising a swop then please ring Marie on 07554442375.   Marie does not envisage playing in the matches so has kindly volunteered to step in when necessary, obviously dependent on her private arrangements.

Please turn up a little before the start time in order to arrange the tables and organise the raffle prizes.  Tea is usually served when 9 ends have been completed.  As soon as you see the Captains Rink start to play the 9th end keep a watch and ring the bell a couple of minutes in advance of the end being finished.  This will alert the players that it’s tea time.

We will only be supplying tea/coffee and wrapped biscuits.  At the end please use the dishwasher for the crockery etc and switch the tea urn off, wipe all surfaces and generally leave the club house neat and tidy.  Thanks very much.  

If you have any queries on how to set up etc, please just ask one of the committee members at the club and you will be pointed in the right direction.  However, as stated above, if you can’t make the date, it is up to you to arrange an alternative date with another pair/couple.  Also please make sure your name is not down on the Match List on the date you are doing the Teas.  Many thanks to everyone for helping out.

Sunday 8  May            Burgess Hill                        Pauline Bambridge and Simon Wigdor

Saturday 14 May         Saltdean                             Jenny Harrison and Cliff Wing

Sunday 15 May           Billingshurst                       Betty Freeman and Marie Morgan

Thursday 19 May       Rottingdean Ladies            Lesley and Kevin Heanen

Sunday 22 May          Wealden                              Kathy and David Dixon

Saturday 28 May       Southwick Park                  Jan and Chris Heath

Sunday 29 May          Preston                               Carol and Rob Rushton

Saturday 4 June         Henfield                             Susan and David Gorman

Sunday 5 June            Downsman                        Sue Budde and Ann Steward

Thursday 9 June         Portslade                          Maria Sanders & John Gaughan

Tuesday 14 June         Woodingdean Ladies      Marie Morgan

Wednesday 15 June    Mackie                              Tony & Kate Sayers

Thursday 16 June        Vicarage                           Clare Popley and Steve Rayner

Sunday 19 June           Hollingbury                      Sue Newton and Bernie Banks

Wednesday 29 June   Brighton                           Janice and Paul Thurston

Thursday 30 June       Rottingdean                    Brenda Newnham and Bob Garmston

Sunday 31 July            Southwick                        Kate and Roger Johns

Wednesday 3 August  Woodingdean                 Rachael Beck and Andrew Dixon

Thursday 4 August      Peacehaven                    Pat Gray and Mark Ireland

Thursday 1 Sept.          Shoreham                       Marje Goodfellow and Colin Bryant

Sunday 4 Sept.            Adur                                 Doreen De Silva and Peter Meyrick

Thursday 6 October    Portslade                      Jane Cummings and Blair Hamilton


Please see below a list of names for the above.   For  health and safety reasons, it should be done in pairs.  The cleaning should be done at least once during your two week allocated period.  Please check the diary/fixture list to make sure you are not cleaning whilst there is a match on.

The cleaning equipment is in the cupboard by the men’s toilets.  There is also cleaning materials in the ladies toilets in the white cupboard.  The Hoover is on charge upstairs.  Please clean all surfaces, sinks and toilets and hoover the carpets.  Empty ALL BINS including the bar area and put the rubbish out in the containers in the street, just down from the club.


WEEK BEGINNING                        NAMES

9 MAY                                             Pat Gray and Mark Ireland

23 MAY                                           Kate Johns and John Gaughan

6 JUNE                                           Rachel Beck and Andrew Dixon

20 JUNE                                         Brenda Newnham and Bob Garmston

4 JULY                                            Carol and Rob Rushton

18 JULY                                         Janice and Paul Thurston

1 AUGUST                                     Marje Goodfellow and Colin Bryant

15 AUGUST                                   Clare Popley and Steve Rayner

29 AUGUST                                  Sue Newton and Bernie Banks

12 SEPTEMBER                            Pauline Bambridge and Simon Wigdor

26 SEPTEMBER                           Lesley and Kevin Heanan

10 OCTOBER                               Jenny Harrison and Cliff Wing