Bar Rota for Matches – Guidance Notes

Only the two duty people should be behind the bar at any one time. 

The wooden till, which is kept in the cupboard behind the tea bar, should be used for bar takings. 

There is a bar price list on the wall by the fridge. 

At the end of session please leave a float of about £20 in the till and place rest of the takings in a plastic money bag, label “Bar Takings”, add date and place in the black box at the top of the stairs. 

Replace till in the cupboard and lock the door. 

Ensure all glasses are cleaned and dried, the hot water heater is turned off and all the bottle, cans, plastic and general rubbish bins are emptied if over half full. 

Bottles, cans and plastic should be taken to the recycling bins at the junction of The Drive and Cromwell Road. General rubbish including that in the bin behind the tea bar should be put in the bins outside The Conservatory. 

Replace the bin liners if required (spares kept in cupboards behind bar). 

Restock items normally requiring chilling in the fridge from the shelves. 

Please make a note of any products which need restocking and leave it for the bar managers attention.