The teams pose for a pre-match photograph.  The game itself was very close but The Drive Bowls Club won by a narrow margin.

 We all gather at Gatwick for our short flight to Stavanger.

 Our first breakfast in the Sky Bar.

 On the first morning we stroll down to Stavanger Bowls Club's new green.

Arriving at the bowls green we find them all busy practising.

They must be worried that we have brought our star bowlers with us!

 We all listen intently and can't wait to start.

 Sure enough after 90 mins the rain starts and some are keen on an early exit

 But not to worry as fine hospitality was kindly provided by the Stavanger Club.

 Followed by delicious homemade cakes (recipes to follow).

 Next morning the sun shone and it was time to visit the old town.

 Some people are experts when it comes to resting!

 Midday saw the arrival of the boat that was to take us on a Fjord cruise.

 We found seats on the windy top deck - well, there was room for most of us!

 The famous Pulpit Rock.  Maybe next time we'll take a trip up to the top.

 The meals have arrived and all looks good.

 At the start of the BIG match, the rules of engagement were agreed.


 The Rica Forum Hotel was our base for the visit.

 It is the highest hotel in the Rogaland region with magnificent views from its  Sky Bar Restaurant on the 21st floor.

 Everyone is really looking forward to our first match in Norway.

The two captains, Roy and Dave, welcome everyone to our first social game.

 It is overcast and we know Stavanger can have four seasons in one day.

 As befits their position, the captains are the last to leave a sinking green!

 Hot drinks, Chinese food and plenty of goodhearted banter.

 The Ladies receive a generous round of applause for all their hard work.

 But sightseeing can be hard work and a rest was soon called for.

 While young Sylvia is still trying to encourage the old boys to keep moving!

 And we queued in an orderly fashion awaiting embarkation.

 The views along the way were breathtaking.

 Enjoying a pre-dinner drink before our first evening meal.

 Don't panic, there's two more meals on their way!  (Nice socks, Sue!)


Unfortunately, no pictures of the actual match are available.

It could be due to one of the following:-

a)  Sky T.V. have the rights to all international matches.

b)  The photographers, Tony, Chris and Bob were all

      concentrating on their bowling.

c)  The photographers were all on losing rinks.

I will leave you come to your own conclusion!