The Drive Bowling Club – Housekeeping Rota 2020 

Month                                   Names                                     

March                       Sylvia & David Wilkinson 

April                          Pat Gray & Bob Garmston

May                          Carol & Rob Rushton 

June                          Sue Newton & Colin Bryant 

July                            Jan & Chris Heath

August                       Jane Cummings & Andrew Dixon 

September                Clare Popley & Simon Wigdor 

October                     Pauline Bambridge & Cliff Wing 

November                 Marge Goodfellow & Bernie Banks 

December                 Brenda Newnham & David Gorman

The management committee has again agreed that in common with most 

other internal club activities – clubhouse and rink maintenance, gardening

etc – housekeeping within the clubhouse will be conducted by members 

throughout the year.

Ideally, the cleaning should be completed mid month if at all possible.

The housekeeping should consist of the following:-

Both changing rooms in the main building, the ladies and gents toilets, 

the common stairs and the first floor club room.

Throughout the month, the scheduled members are requested to 

empty ALL the waste bins in the club – in the changing rooms, the bar area 

and the bin outside the main club – and replace with fresh bin liners. 

The filled bags can be deposited in the council provided bins located near the 


On completion, please sign and date against respective names on the list.

Members who use the annex will carry out separate cleaning throughout 

the season as required.

Rob Rushton has agreed to clean both the tea and bar area 

throughout the season as required.

As before, to ensure a standard of safety, it is suggested that an agreed 

time and date is arranged between both parties and the cleaning is 

carried out together. 

The emptying of the bins throughout the month can obviously be

managed individually.

If there are any issues with this – please let me know.

David Dixon