NEWS                              CLUB DUTY ROTAS                     MATCH RESULTS   


9th May HOME to Burgess Hill WON 42-22

12th May AWAY to Preston WON 85-51

13th May HOME to Shoreham WON 69-38

15th May HOME to Saltdean CANCELLED BY Saltdean

16th May HOME to Billinghurst CANCELLED by BIllinghurst

20th May HOME to Rottingdean Ladies WON 41-14

23rd May HOME to Wealden CANCELLED by Wealden

27th May AWAY to Rottingdean LOST 65-85

29th May HOME to Southwick Park WON 64-27

30th May HOME to Preston LOST 48-59

3rd June AWAY to Southwick LOST 48-63

4th June HOME to Goring Manor CANCELLED by Goring Manor

5th June HOME to Henfield CANCELLED by Henfield

6th June HOME to Downsman WON 48-39

10th June HOME to Portslade WON 74-48

15th June HOME to Woodingdean Ladies WON 53-19

16th June HOME to Mackie WON 64-59

17th June HOME to Vicarage CANCELLED by Vicarage

24th June AWAY to Woodingdean LOST 68-91

27th June AWAY to Saltdean LOST 84-93

30th June HOME in Brighton Mann Cup WON 69-45

1st July HOME to Rottingdean WON 88 55

7th July AWAY in Brighton Mann Cup   LOST 52-88, 

This means that Brighton keep the cup, winning overall by 132 - 121

11th July AWAY to Wealden -  match cancelled by Wealden

17th July AWAY to Henfield LOST 70-89

18th July HOME to Wealden -  match cancelled by Wealden

28th July AWAY to Burgess Hill LOST 97-67

1st August HOME to Southwick WON 27-63

4th August HOME to Woodingdean

5th August HOME to Peacehaven

8th August AWAY to Lindfield

11th August AWAY to Portslade

14th August AWAY to Goring Manor

15th August AWAY to Downsman

19th August AWAY to Vicarage

22nd August HOME to Lindfield

2nd September AWAY to Shoreham

4th September  HOME to Adur

12th September AWAY to Billingshurst

18th September AWAY to Southwick Park

21st September AWAY to Woodingdean Ladies

22nd September AWAY to Mackie

24th September HOME to Billinghurst


8th July HOME to Hollingbury     Won 8 - 2

15th July HOME to Southwick Park

29th July HOME to Brighton

12th August AWAY to Southwick Park

26th August AWAY to Hollingbury

1st September AWAY to Brighton



7th June HOME to Felbridge     LOST 4 - 6

14th June HOME to Uckfield      WON  8 - 2

21st June AWAY to Ringmer       Postponed - Rain

28th June AWAY to Saltdean      LOST 2 - 8

19th July AWAY to Uckfield         Postponed - Rain

26th July AWAY to Felbridge      LOST 2 - 8

2nd August HOME to Ringmer

16th August HOME to Saltdean


22nd June AWAY to Woodingdean YET TO PLAY

29th June AWAY to Portslade WON 29-22

8th July HOME to Woodingdean YET TO PLAY

13th July HOME to Rottingdean WON 57-22

20th July AWAY to Rottingdean    LOST 30 - 35

27th July AWAY to Southwick Park

24th August HOME to Portslade


1st June HOME to Peacehaven     Won 8 - 2

8th June HOME to Shoreham      Won 6 - 4

15th June AWAY to Vicarage        Lost 2 -8

22nd June HOME to Brighton     Won 10 - 0

29th June AWAY to Lancing         Lost 2 -8

6th July AWAY to Peacehaven      Lost 0-10

13th July AWAY to Shorehm          Lost 3-7

20th July HOME to Vicarage          Lost 2 - 8

27th July AWAY to Brighton          Lost 0-10

3rd August HOME to Lancing

1st  June - Vicarage BC played one non registered player, 1 point deducted.

29th June - Peacehaven BC played one non registered player, 1 point deducted.

Shoreham84 4122844745942
Peacehaven741210 1139641135
The Drive83 51011244047033
Vicarage73 4911138742831
Brighton73 4811238943529