Paragraph     Subject

         1                    Title

2                    Objectives

3                    Officers of the Club

4                    Management Committee and Bowling Committee Meetings

5                    Management Committee

6                    Bowling Committee

7                    Club Year

8                    Annual General Meeting – Notice and Agenda

9                    Annual General Meeting – Date and Quorum

10               Election of Officers

11               Casual Vacancies

12               Extraordinary General Meetings

13               Membership and Subscriptions

14               Payment of Subscriptions

15               Election of New Members

16               Conditions of Election

17               Expulsion

18               Visitors and Temporary Membership

19               Casual Green Play

20               Green – Hours of Play and Dress Code

21               Bar Opening Hours

22               Gambling

23               Dogs

24               Members’ Property

25               Unauthorised Notices

26               Complaints and Suggestions

27               Health and Safety and Electric Fence

28               Receipts

29               Club Assets and Property

30               The Drive Bowling Club Limited

31               Alteration to the Rules

32               Rules Posted in the Clubhouse


The organisation shall be entitled The Drive Bowling Club.


Its objectives shall be:-

(a) The Drive Bowling Club shall operate as a Mixed Bowling Club to maintain first rate facilities for playing the game of Bowls under the Rules and Regulations of Bowls England, Sussex County Bowls (Men’s Section) and Sussex County Bowls (Women’s Section).

(b) To provide a congenial social centre for the pleasure and comfort of members and their guests.


The Officers of the Club shall be: President, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Club Minutes Secretary, Secretary of The Drive Bowling Club Limited, Match Secretary, Captain, Vice-Captain, Junior Vice-Captain, Competition Manager, Building Maintenance Manager, Grounds Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Events Manager, Bowling Committee Secretary, Sussex County Bowls Men’s Delegate, Sussex County Bowls Ladies’ Delegate, Brighton, Hove and District League Delegate, Brighton, Hove and District Women’s League Delegate.

All Officers of the Club will be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when they shall retire but be eligible for re-election from year to year. The President of the Club shall hold Office for no more than 3 years.


The management of the club and the bowling activities of the club will be the responsibility of two separate committees to be known as: The Management Committee and The Bowling Committee. Both Committees in their first meeting of any year shall elect a Chairperson for that year. The committees shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees and may at any time co-opt any Full Member as an Officer of the Club as they may think fit. Any such Officer so co-opted shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. Five members of a Committee shall form a quorum.

The Committees shall hold formal meetings at monthly intervals during the playing season or otherwise as necessary.


The Management Committee shall consist of the Club President, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Secretary of The Drive Bowling Club Limited, Club Minutes Secretary, Building Maintenance Manager, Grounds Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Events Manager, Club Captain or deputy (representing the Bowling Committee). The Management Committee, in addition to the powers hereinafter specifically conferred upon them shall have the control of the finances of the Club; power to engage, manage and dismiss club contractors; the maintenance of club buildings and grounds; and all such administrative powers as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objectives of the Club in accordance with these rules.

The Club Minutes Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Management Committee meetings and of the Annual General Meeting, these shall be read and approved at each subsequent meeting and duly signed by the Chairperson.


The Bowling Committee shall consist of the Club President, Club Captain, Vice-Captain, Junior Vice-Captain, Bowls Secretary, Club Treasurer, Match Secretary, Competitions Manager, County Delegates, League Delegates and a Club Coaching Representative, all of whom, with the exception of the Club Coaching Representative, shall be elected at the Club Annual General Meeting.  These members shall form the Bowling Committee and will be responsible for dealing with all bowling related matters on behalf of the Club members.  

The Bowling Committee Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Bowling Committee meetings, these shall be read and approved at each subsequent meeting and duly signed by the Chairperson.


The Club’s year shall cover the period from one Annual General Meeting to the next. Members of the Management Committee and Bowling Committee shall remain individually responsible for the discharge of their appointed duties until they are replaced at the Annual General Meeting.


A notice convening the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to every full member by email or by post to any member without email, not less than twenty one days before the date of the meeting. The notice shall set forth the Agenda for the meeting and the business transacted shall be confined to the said Agenda. Notice of any resolution for consideration at the Annual General Meeting must be signed by the proposer and seconder who must be Full Members, and received by the Club Secretary not later than 1st December of the previous year. If in order, the resolution shall be placed on the agenda for the meeting.


The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on the third Tuesday in January of each year or such later date as the Management Committee shall appoint. Twelve Full Members shall form a quorum. At Annual General Meetings only Full Members shall be entitled to vote.


The election of officers of the Management Committee and the Bowling Committee shall take place in the following manner:-

(a)   The Management Committee or the Bowling Committee may nominate any Full Members to be Officers of the Club.

(b)   Any two Full Members of the Club shall be at liberty to nominate a Full Member to be an Officer of the Club. 

(c)   A nomination sheet for the purpose of election of a full member to the position of a Club Officer shall be affixed to the Club notice board prior to the 1st December.

(d)   Balloting lists shall be prepared containing the names of candidates only and each Full Member present at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to vote for any number of such candidates not exceeding the number of vacancies. In the case where there shall not be a sufficient number of candidates nominated, the relevant Committee shall fill the remaining vacancies. If two or more candidates receive an equal number of votes the relevant Committee shall select by lot from such candidates, the candidate/s who are to become an officer of the club.

(e)   The Members of both Committees shall retire every year at the Annual General Meeting and be eligible for re-election.


Any vacancy arising through the death, resignation or prolonged absence of an officer or other member of either Committee during their term of service may be filled by co-option at a formal meeting of the relevant Committee. The member so co-opted shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting, at which duly nominated, they may offer themselves for election for a further term of office.


An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club may be called by the Management Committee and shall be called within 21 days after the receipt by the Club Secretary of a requisition in writing to that effect, signed by at least 12 Full Members. Every such requisition shall specify the business for which the meeting is to be convened and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting.


The membership of the club shall consist of Full Members (that is to say Members whose rights and privileges are not in any way limited) who shall be duly elected Full Membership and shall pay the Full Members subscription. In addition to Full Members there shall be the following other members of the Club (who have no voting rights) namely Honorary Members, Associate Members, Junior Members and such other members with limited rights and privileges as the Management Committee of the Club may from time to time deem expedient to elect.

Honorary Members shall be over 90 years of age and have been Full Members for over 20 years. Honorary Members shall pay no further subscriptions. Associate Members shall have been former full Members, or the spouse/partner of existing or former Full Members.  Junior Members shall be under 18 years of age, in full-time education and be related to a Full Member.  When on the Club premises, a Junior Member may not purchase or consume alcohol and must always be accompanied by a member of their family, who will take full responsibility for them.  Junior Members shall pay 20% of the Full Members subscription.

The subscriptions and fees for each category of membership for the ensuing year shall be recommended by the Management Committee to the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee shall set out in detail the subscriptions and fees agreed for each year in the Annual Subscription Renewal Form addressed to members individually, as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting.


Members’ subscriptions and fees shall become due immediately following the Annual General Meeting held in January and should be paid no later than 28th February in each year. If any member fails to pay by 28th February, without a satisfactory explanation they shall cease to be a member of the Club and their name will be erased from the list. They may, however, be reinstated on payment of all outstanding fees, provided that satisfactory grounds are given for their default. 


All elections of new candidates for membership shall be made at a meeting of the Management Committee. Every candidate must be proposed and seconded on the nomination form provided for the purpose. The form shall be signed by both the candidate and their sponsors, who must be Full Members. Sponsors will be held responsible for eligibility. The nomination form must be posted in the Club for at least 14 days before the election. No candidate shall be elected except by the unanimous vote of those present at the Management Committee meeting or quorum to be held as soon as practicable after the 14 days. Should any candidate fail to secure such unanimous support, their candidature may be postponed for consideration at a later meeting and the sponsors shall be so informed. If a candidate is rejected, no reason shall be given for the decision.


A newly-elected member shall receive formal notice of their election and of the subscription and fees due from them. They shall also be furnished with a copy of the Rules of the Club and payment of their dues shall be held to signify their acceptance of these Rules. If a newly elected member shall fail to pay their dues within one month their election shall be null and void.


The Management Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any Member who shall infringe the Rules of the Club or whose conduct, whether within or without the Club premises shall in their opinion render them unfit for Membership of the Club. In such a case, seven days’ notice in writing shall be addressed to the offending member summoning them to appear before the Management Committee. No member shall be expelled without the opportunity to explain their conduct in person. The Management Committee’s decision shall be final.


Visiting members of recognised Bowling Clubs, suitably introduced, shall be admitted to temporary membership, including the use of Club and green, by the session, by the day, the week, the fortnight or the month on payment of the fees for the time being in operation. No visitor, however, shall be admitted to temporary membership for a period exceeding two months in any one season. The member introducing a visitor shall be responsible for seeing that their name, address and Bowling Club are entered in the Visitors Book, together with a note of the date and the duration of their admission and the fees paid.

The fees currently in operation for the various periods shall be clearly set out in the Visitors Book, and also in a notice posted in the Club. On match days, visiting Clubs having the same or similar objectives as this Club may also be admitted; the members of Clubs so visiting shall be entitled to purchase intoxicating liquor for consumption on the Club premises. The full courtesy of the Club and green shall be accorded to such visiting Clubs without charge..


(a)  Associate Members may play on the green, paying the appropriate green fee, for a maximum number of six times in any one year. If they play in a match during this period, then they also pay a match fee.

(b)  A casual visiting bowler, who must be introduced by and be the responsibility of a Full Member or Associate Member of the Club, may play on the green paying an appropriate green fee, for a maximum number of six times in any one year. If they play in a match during this period, then they also pay a match fee.


Whilst playing in Club competition drives (not social drives) and internal Club competitions players and markers are to wear a predominantly white, recognised bowling shirt or a white collared shirt with grey trousers, skirts, tailored cropped trousers or tailored knee length shorts with white socks.

Whilst playing Club friendly matches, at home or away, Members are to wear the Club shirt with white trousers, skirts, tailored cropped trousers, or tailored knee length shorts and white socks – unless otherwise advised. Wet weather clothing, fleeces, jumpers, hats, sun protection sleeves, and any other accessories should be white on these occasions.

For social drives players are to wear the dress code decided by the social committee and shown on the match sheet. Casual and roll-up players, and players in organised roll-ups, may wear relaxed, smart, casual clothing. Regulation bowls shoes must always be worn

During the playing season the green shall be open for play from 9.00 am until dusk, but the Grounds Manager, Club Captain or in their absence, the senior officer present have discretion to restrict the hours of play or to close the green when necessary for its care and protection.


The supply of alcoholic liquor in the club will be permitted during the general licensing hours  currently in force in the licensing district in which the Club is situated and/or such other hours as may, from time to time, be granted to the Club.


The Club shall not be used for gambling or for playing any unlawful games of chance.

23. DOGS

No dogs will be brought into the Club or the Club premises.


Member’s property is left on the premises at the owner’s risk and the Club cannot be held responsible for loss or damage resulting.


No paper, notice or placard, written or printed, shall be put in the Club, without the sanction of the Club Secretary or the Club President.


Any members wishing to make a complaint and suggestion should address it in the first instance to the Club Secretary, who if the matter cannot be immediately resolved, will invite the member to record their views in writing for the decision of the Management Committee.


Members are required to exercise due care for their own safety and the safety of others whilst on the Club Premises. Any accident or injury must be recorded in the Accident Book, which is located on the counter just inside the Clubroom. A First Aid Kit is located behind the main Clubhouse door to the green.

The bowling green electric fence must first be switched off before entering the Bowling Green and members are asked to ensure that they switch the electric fence back on if they are the last person to leave the green.


The receipt of the Club Secretary or Club Treasurer for the time being shall be a full and valid receipt on behalf of the Club.


All assets of the Club (excluding the shares in The Drive Bowling Club Limited) shall belong to Full Members only and shall be held by Trustees for Full Members only. The Trustees for this purpose shall be the President, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer for the time being. In the absence of any direction by the Management Committee of the Club, the Trustees shall act in such manner as they see fit for the benefit of the Club. The Trustees shall be entitled to be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property..


The Club shall nominate five persons to be Shareholders and Directors of The Drive Bowling Club Limited, each shareholder to hold one fifth of the issued share capital of The Drive Bowling Club Limited. Each Shareholder and Director shall hold office for five years or until earlier termination, and on ceasing to hold office the shares held by him/her shall be deemed to be at the disposal of the Club.

Such persons as described above shall not be entitled to be re-nominated immediately after their term of office. At every Annual General Meeting the Club shall nominate a person or persons to be a Shareholder and Director or Shareholders and Directors of The Drive Bowling Club Limited  to fill any vacancy or vacancies there may be in such office. The Management Committee shall have the power at any time to nominate a person to fill a casual vacancy as Shareholder and Director of The Drive Bowling Club Limited until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club, when such person shall be entitled to be re-nominated for a period of five years. All persons accepting appointments as Shareholders and Directors of The Drive Bowling Club Limited shall sign a declaration of Trust in such a form as may be prescribed by The Management Committee from time to time.


No rule of the Club shall be rescinded or altered, and no rule shall be added unless affirmed by a simple majority of the Full Members present and voting at the AGM or an EGM.


A copy of the Rules shall be permanently posted in the Club and will be available on the Club’s website.

Revised February 2020